Mental Maths : Beat the Clock by

Mental Maths : Beat the Clock by

Answer the questions in the puzzle as fast as possible.

Pupils type their answers into the boxes provided then press the ENTER or TAB key to move to the next box on a desktop or just tap on a tablet.

Any wrong answers can be corrected but the clock is ticking.

When all of the questions are answered  the page may be printed as evidence or a screen grab could be placed in an ePortfolio Maths file.

This page is designed to be printed if you would prefer to work offline using pen or pencil without the time pressure it is possible. There are multiple levels listed below

Mental Maths : Beat the Clock by
  • Level 1 – Addition of single digit numbers
  • Level 2 – Subtraction of numbers less than 20
  • Level 3 – Addition and subtraction of numbers less than 30
  • Level 4 – Multiplication facts up to twelve times twelve
  • Level 5 – Division facts in tables up to twelve.
  • Level 6 – Mixed Multiplication and Division
  • Level 7 – All four operations, two terms
  • Level 8 – All four operations, two terms, harder
  • Level 9 – All four operations, three terms

Mental Maths : Magic Square

Magic Square by

A classic magic square puzzle in which pupils are asked to arrange 9 numbers in a 3×3 grid so that all the lines across, all the lines down and the two diagonals add up to the same number. this works on my elderly iPad as well as other tablets.

In a subtle twist the target number is not given, though in Level 1 the numbers are 1-9 as in the classic end of term brain teaser.

There are six levels in total with progressively more difficult numbers which should keep your Maths wizards buzy!

In addition there is an option for a random square and also an intriguing UNmagic square where the object is to AVOID any of the lines adding up to the same number.

All the puzzles provide instant feedback which, when errors are made, can be a great stimulus for discussion amongst the mathematical high fliers in your group.

Magic Square by


2d Shape : Shape Maker

2d Shape : Shape Maker

Suitable for all tablets. this game allows pupils to experiment and learn the names of a variety of 2d shapes. The game comes in two parts. Firstly the ‘Shape maker’ names a 2D shape and asks children to draw it on the virtual pin-board – immediate feedback is given.

Secondly there is the ‘Builder’, a simple drawing package that enables children to create images using provided 2D shapes. Each 2D shape can be resized and rotated and have its fill colour changed.

As a bonus any images created can be printed as well as named and saved as a .PNG file.

This works really well on my ancient iPad and would probably be suitable for pupils learning about 2D shape in the 5-9 age range.

@D Shape : Shape Shop by Mr Nussbaum

Everyday learning : Read, Write, Count

Everyday learning : Read, Write, Count

This is a place where parents and carers can find ways to help their children learn vital life skills like reading, writing and counting.

The ideas and activities are simple, and either free or cheap to do. Most of them are designed so that can also fit into everyday routines: going to the shops or on the walk to school, making a meal or travelling on the bus.

The activities don’t take up much time and each suggestion has a wealth of links to suggest other things to do.

The activities are fun and take no planning or organisation, they are simply learning activities to do whilst you and your child are doing something else.

Engaging in simple educational activities can make a big difference to a child’s progress and enjoyment of school – worth a try…

Everyday learning : Read, Write, Count

Earth in Space : Gravity and Orbits

Earth in Space : Gravity and Orbits By Colorado University

This excellent simulation depicts the orbit of the Earth around the Sun and to show the effects of increases and decreases in the gravitational force governing the Earth’s orbit.

In addition, there is an option to show the orbit of the moon around the Earth.

Users can increase ir decrease the gravitational pup of the sun or the earth and watch the effects on screen. The orbit may change its distance from the Sun or become elliptical depending on the relative gravitational force of the two celestial bodies.

In extreme cases the Earth may even crash into the Sun or drift off into outer space.

This activity is both instructional and provides great subject matter for discussion about what wold happen to life on Earth in a variety of circumstances

Gravity and Orbits By Colorado University

Arithmetic : A brilliant online times tables activity…

Arithmetic by Colorado University

This is one of the best times tables support activities I have seen in a long time.

The game offers three modes on which pupils are offered the opportunity to Multiply, divide or determine factors.

Three Levels of each of the above are on offer: within 6×6, within 9×9 and within 12×12 making this activity suitable for use across the whole primary age range.

Each activity can be attempted against the clock so giving students the opportunity to improve their times and thus their times tables competence. There is also an option to tur off the sound (thank goodness!).

This activity is tablet friendly and works very well on my elderly iPad (double tap required to select a square in the matrix when on iPad)

Arithmetic by Colorado University