2D and 3D Shapes

2D and 3D shape
2D and 3D Shapes by bgfl.org

This interactive activity explains the difference between 2D and 3D shapes. It allows them to explore 2D and 3D shapes and consider their properties.

There are 9 2D shapes in all and 11 3D shapes. There is also a simple worksheet in MS Word format that can be downloaded and printed.

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Alphabetical Order

Alphabetical Order

Alphabetical Order by primaryresources.co.uk

This is an excellent activity which ranges in complexity from words sorted by initial letters to words sorted by the initial three letters.

In all there are 13 levels for students to attempt. This would make an excellent homework or lunchtime activity or could even be done full class with an interactive whiteboard.

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Life Processes – MRS NERG

Life Processes - MRS NERG


Life Processes from ICTteachers.co.uk

The 7 processes that are common to all living things are outlined in this downloadable PowerPoint presentation from ictteachers.co.uk. 

The main 4 attributes under consideration for use in KS2 would be Movement, Reproduction, Nutrition and Growth.

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Coordinates Bingo

co ordinates bingo

Co-ordinates Bingo from topmarks.co.uk

A useful teaching tool for a whole class coordinates activity using different grids and including negative numbers. This is a great activity for use with an interactive whiteboard.

Pupils are offered a coordinate and instructed to use the interactive pen to draw a cross in the appropriate swear on the grid.

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