Welcome to My Primary Classroom

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With over three decades experience in the classroom, I am acutely aware that every Sunday (and many other nights of the week) colleagues all over the country and, indeed, the world, are looking for online for inspiration and resources to use with their classes in the weeks and terms that follow.Some years ago, I ran a very successful site that reviewed and recommended materials that would fill the bill. The site was quite extensive but fell in to disuse as the Content Management System that I used eventually failed to cope and would have been too time consuming for me to upgrade and maintain.

As my circumstances have changed and CMS systems have moved on, I have decided to gradually re-create what was there before. My Primary Classroom is the fruit of my labours; it is an attempt to provide the first port of call for the subjects and topics that schools have in common. It is my intention to publish and review at least one new resource every day (road to hell…) and to organise them in such a way as to make sense in the context of the classroom.

You can search the site using the box provided, browse through the various tabs and read reviews listed in the each category or use the topic/subject overviews to get a flavour of what is currently available on the site.

The site is set up to be mobile and tablet friendly so that anyone with a moment to spare at lunchtime or break time can, provided that they can tear themselves away from Facebook for five minutes , browse what’s available.

I hope that you will find it useful and that it will at least save a little time and alleviate the Sunday night panic..!


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