Earth in Space : Gravity and Orbits

Earth in Space : Gravity and Orbits By Colorado University

This excellent simulation depicts the orbit of the Earth around the Sun and to show the effects of increases and decreases in the gravitational force governing the Earth’s orbit.

In addition, there is an option to show the orbit of the moon around the Earth.

Users can increase ir decrease the gravitational pup of the sun or the earth and watch the effects on screen. The orbit may change its distance from the Sun or become elliptical depending on the relative gravitational force of the two celestial bodies.

In extreme cases the Earth may even crash into the Sun or drift off into outer space.

This activity is both instructional and provides great subject matter for discussion about what wold happen to life on Earth in a variety of circumstances

Gravity and Orbits By Colorado University

All about spring…

Another high quality series from Topmarks. This science based resource also has has separate link section for KS1 with simplified text at an appropriate reading level and differentiated images.

A suite of web pages ideal for introducing pupils to researching a topic on the internet, it begins by explaining the concept of ‘spring’ as a season, defines when spring occurs and what events to expect to happen in spring.

This is followed up with information about the weather and the behaviour of animals, explaining that young animals are often born during the season. A series of screens explains that calves and lambs are born in spring and also follows the story of a family of great tits in detail.

Science is further supported by a detailed study of the life cycle of a frog and the growth of plants: trees, flowers and vegetables.

There is also a Maths game and a video about nesting birds as well as a series of spring themed printables. The video and the game appear to be flash based and may not play or some tablets and hand held devices.

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