The Maya

the maya

The Maya by the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian

This is a rich resource detailing the culture of Mayan civilisation. There are a number of different resources covering topics from the Mayan creation story, their relationship with the sun, their astronomical observations, calendar, agriculture and customs.

There are a number of well made videos on wealth of topics including a look at modern Mayan society.

A link for teachers provides a wealth of activities and resources for use in the classroom including games, images, investigations, and connections to the wider curriculum

World War II

World War II

World War II by

This extensive site is intended for student use to research and explore the events of World War II and the way that the War impacted upon children. It includes sections on air raids, evacuation, the Blitz, daily life, rationing, etc.

There is an interactive ‘time capsule’ game in which students can open the time capsules by guessing what year they were buried from given clues

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Pompeii: The Last Day

Pompeii: The Last Day – Youtube Video embedded here

On 24 August AD79, the sleeping giant Mount Vesuvius erupted with horrifying force, destroying the prosperous Roman cities Pompeii and Herculeneum.

Their inhabitants were subjected to 24 hours of untold horror. Four million tonnes of pumice, rock and ash rained on the towns, suffocating the life out of the cities, and burying alive those who had been unable to flee.

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