2d Shape : Shape Maker

2d Shape : Shape Maker

Suitable for all tablets. this game allows pupils to experiment and learn the names of a variety of 2d shapes.┬áThe game comes in two parts. Firstly the ‘Shape maker’ names a 2D shape and asks children to draw it on the virtual pin-board – immediate feedback is given.

Secondly there is the ‘Builder’, a simple drawing package that enables children to create images using provided 2D shapes. Each 2D shape can be resized and rotated and have its fill colour changed.

As a bonus any images created can be printed as well as named and saved as a .PNG file.

This works really well on my ancient iPad and would probably be suitable for pupils learning about 2D shape in the 5-9 age range.

@D Shape : Shape Shop by Mr Nussbaum

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