A River’s Journey

a rivers journey

A River’s Journey by bbc.co.uk

The journey of a river can be divided into three sections: upper, middle and lower.  On this detailed webpage you can choose one of the sections to research.

Pupils are encouraged to look at the clips for each section of the river and make a note of any words that they do not understand, discuss them and use a dictionary to find out what they mean.  They are invited to display these words on the board.

Other activities are suggested:  create a report to describe the section of the river just researched to the rest of the class;  think about the sort of features seen that part of the river; use as many describing words as possible to talk about the speed of the water, the sounds or what might be seen; agree a script for a report to be present it to the rest of the class;  hot seat taking questions from the class; record the report and save the audio file to a computer.

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