An introduction to the major organs of the human body

introduction to major organs of the human body
An introduction to the major organs of the human body by

An animated sequence which tours the human body, picturing and naming the major organs. The job of each organ is briefly explained. The brain, heart, lungs, stomach, liver, kidneys, intestines and skin are all mentioned.

The clip also stresses the importance of a healthy diet and exercise to keep your organs in good condition.

The BBC suggests that after viewing, pupils could make a life-sized diagram of a human figure, displaying all the major organs named in the clip. The children could use a collage technique and make each ‘organ’ from suitable materials. Macaroni might make a suitably convoluted brain, for example, and bubble wrap could be used to represent lungs. The children could mount each ‘organ’ separately on card and attach it to their outline body with drawing pins. They could play a blindfold game of ‘pin the organ on the body’, or scramble up the organs and challenge their peers to unscramble the diagram within a time limit.


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