Human Body : Blood


Blood consists of a number of different kinds of cells suspended in a straw coloured liquid called plasma.

  • Red blood cells – 44%
  • Plasma – 55% (90% water)
  • White blood cells – 0.05%
  • Platelets – 0.05%

This “All About Blood” Powerpoint is suitable for use in upper KS2 (9-11)

Plasma contains contains electrolytes, nutrients and vitamins and hormones as well as red blood cels, white blood cells and platelets.

Red blood cells carry oxygen from your lungs to your heart, and then to your muscles. They help to remove the carbon dioxide from the body. They contain haemoglobin, a substance which loves to combine with oxygen. Red blood cells deliver oxygen round the body.

White blood cells produce antibodies to fight infections White blood cells are clever – white blood cells called lymphocytes can produce “memory cells” to remember how to fight an infection so that if the body is infected again it can fight it quickly.

Platelets help the blood to clot if you get a cut…


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