Toy Shop Money Game by Topmarks

Toy Shop Money is a game for helping children understand UK money. There are also versions of the game in other currencies – US Dollars and Australian dollars

There game has two options; in the first children click on a gallery of coins to make up varying amounts to buy the toys at their given prices, and the second Children are asked to work out the change from an amount tendered.

It is possible to select whether the game is played sith an array of coins all the same or whether a child is offered an array of mixed coinage from which to select coins for payment or change giving.

Top marks say that their money game is suitable for children from 4 to 11 years of age as it has varying levels of difficulty and I have to agree. From the simplest possible calculations, repeatedly adding coins of the same value, to complex calculations with mixed coins giving change from amounts up to £10, this high quality resource delivers.

It is suitable for use on whiteboards, desktop computers and all hand held devices.

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