Shape : Area and Perimeter

Shape : Area Builder by PhET, Colorado University

This simulation allows pupils to explore the concepts of area and perimeter. There are two distinct modes to this game.

The first is great for exploring and teaching and allows squares to be dragged onto a grid and gives numerical values to both area and perimeter.

The second mode provides students with a set of challenges or puzzles to solve by setting targets for shapes with specific area and perimeter. It allows instant checking and feedback.

There are six levels of difficulty and most pupils will gain something about area and perimeter by using this simulation.

The higher levels encourage arriving at an area or perimeter by using calculations – an on screen calculator is provided.

This shape, area and perimeter project is created using HTML5 and as such will play on desktops and tablets equally well, including iPads.

Area Builder – PhET: Colorado University

Shape : Creating Squares

Shape : Creating Squares by

In this game, each player takes it in turn to put a dot on a grid. Whoever manages to deploy four dots that can be connected to complete a square is the winner.

The game can be for two players or a single player can play against the computer.

Once you’ve played the game a few times (and lost!) against the computer you begin to look for the strategies the computer is using to beat you and use them against your opponents.

Who knows, you might even beat the computer one day?

This game works well on tablets – even on my old iPad! A great activity to fill a few minutes at the end of a session or at the end of the day in the couple of minutes before the bell rings…

Creating Squares by
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