Coordinates Worksheets

co-ordinates worksheet

Co-ordinates Worksheets

This  site provides excellent, free photocopiable coordinates materials which will save most of us a great deal of time, effort and energy. As a bonus, each activity is provided with an answer sheet. These are great for work in class or as homework…

Coordinates 1
A range of symbols are positioned at different points in the first quadrant. The task is to work out the coordinates of each symbol and complete a table accordingly.

Coordinates 2
Here learners need to read and plot eight sets of coordinates in the first quadrant, joining the points as they go to make eight separate shapes.

Coordinates 3
This worksheet includes a coordinates grid showing all four quadrants.

Coordinates 4
The task here is to read and plot six sets of coordinates on a grid showing all four quadrants, joining the points as you go to make six separate shapes.

Coordinates & Number Facts Game
Team Game: A whole class/ small group activity may be based on this worksheet as the numbers on the coordinates grid relate to times tables facts.


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