The Easter Story

The Easter Story

The Easter Story from

Top marks always provides high quality resources and this is no exception. The format is ideal for use on an interactive whiteboard.

Each element of the story is depicted with a quality illustration and easy to read  text. This activity would be ideal as an introduction to a writing session, enabling the discussion of timelines, sentence structure, paragraphing and the use of illustration.

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Is it Alive? Characteristics of living things

Is it Alive? by

Characteristics of living things
An animated sequence by the BBC that shows the key differences between living things, dead things and things that have never been alive. In a park setting, we see birds, trees and rabbits.

The commentary tells us that like all living things, they react to their surroundings, grow, reproduce, feed and get rid of waste. They need air, too.

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Life Processes – MRS NERG

Life Processes - MRS NERG


Life Processes from

The 7 processes that are common to all living things are outlined in this downloadable PowerPoint presentation from 

The main 4 attributes under consideration for use in KS2 would be Movement, Reproduction, Nutrition and Growth.

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Coordinates Bingo

co ordinates bingo

Co-ordinates Bingo from

A useful teaching tool for a whole class coordinates activity using different grids and including negative numbers. This is a great activity for use with an interactive whiteboard.

Pupils are offered a coordinate and instructed to use the interactive pen to draw a cross in the appropriate swear on the grid.

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Coordinates Worksheets

co-ordinates worksheet

Co-ordinates Worksheets

This  site provides excellent, free photocopiable coordinates materials which will save most of us a great deal of time, effort and energy. As a bonus, each activity is provided with an answer sheet. These are great for work in class or as homework…

Coordinates 1
A range of symbols are positioned at different points in the first quadrant. The task is to work out the coordinates of each symbol and complete a table accordingly.

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